Jul 5

1onOne with Damon Davis - Damon Davis - Legacy WorldwideFollowing in the footsteps of his father, Legacy’s CEO Damon Davis has pioneered a magazine-style program that brings spotlight to his Agency’s clients on subjects of health, happiness and spirituality.  “My dad had a concept for a television show that would be a voice for our clients to give exposure to their churches, books or conferences, which would also serve as a benefit to the entire industry,” said Damon Davis, host of the new show 1onOne, “Though he never got to see it come to life, it was another example of how he always wanted to give back to an industry that gave us so much.”

Described as a blend of Larry King Live and Joe Lipton’s Actors Studio, 1onOne is a weekly 30-minute interview program filmed inside Legacy Worldwide studios in a North Atlanta suburb.  Davis’ interviews are mostly exclusive to his Agency clientele and alliance partners, walking viewers through his guest’s books, teaching series or ministry.

“As our company approaches its 7-year anniversary, I wanted to do something my Father wasn’t able to complete when he was alive, to give back to an industry that had been so faithful to us, by creating a program that could be a blessing to our clients, and other close industry relationships, allowing them a platform to talk about their books, principles for living and more, in an open, transparent distribution platform – an added value we are bringing to their table.”

1onOne is positioned as a “Special Edition” prime-time spotlight of Legacy Worldwide’s finest, delivered in a very open, and transparent format easily competing with mainstream television.

“Thinking” on a Whole New Level
Aug 19

For this year’s “Fast from Wrong Thinking, Gregory Dickow Ministries employed the help of the Legacy New Media department to take the fast beyond the emails through higher social engagement.  The Legacy team developed 40 days’ worth of social media posts and video scripts.  The end result was a refreshed campaign with a completely interactive video element added to each of the daily emails.  By working in coordination with the ministry client and leveraging the different audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the Legacy Worldwide team was able to grow the email database and generate significantly increased engagement and viral activity.

Experience this year’s Fast from Wrong Thinking at GDM’s “From the Inside Out” site.


LEGACY Begins “Inspiring” Documentary about Pastor Sarah Omakwu
May 9

Legacy’s production department is in the early stages of concept development and scripting for an upcoming documentary about Pastor Sarah Omakwu’s humanitarian work in Nigeria.  Pastor Sarah is, above all things, a servant who meets people as they are – wherever they are – and looks for ways to fill their needs in any capacity she can. The congregation of her church, Family Worship Center (FWC) in Abuja, Nigeria, is made up of those whom Pastor Sarah and her late husband, Pastor Ina, have served in some way or another. As a result, the church has become essential to Pastor Sarah’s goal of transforming her community, the nation of Nigeria, and the world.

They have met her challenge to do more than just show up on Sunday because that’s exactly what she does. “Rather than simply standing behind a pulpit, Pastor Sarah gets down in the trenches with people to battle poverty, hunger, and homelessness.” said Legacy Worldwide’s Head Writer, Wendi Nunnery, “Because of Pastor Sarah’s indelible heart for service, orphans have found homes, bills are being paid, education rates have skyrocketed, and a community of people are learning what it means to truly live as disciples for Christ.”

“I can’t wait for everyone to see this documentary,” says Rick Munusami, Legacy’s Back‐End Development Manager. “I believe it’s going to show the story of who Pastor Sarah is on a personal level, and that’s exactly what’s going to make an impact on viewers. She’s more than just a preacher. She hears you. She listens. And she takes action.”

LEGACY’s Production Team Chosen for Arrow Records Music Video
May 9

Mike Anderson, Creative Director for Legacy Worldwide’s production department, and Nathalie Davis, Social Media Director, met with Pastor Taffi Dollar and the Creflo Dollar Ministry team to promote the facilities for an upcoming Arrow Records music video featuring recording artist Brianna.

The video’s director, Darryl Lassiter, was impressed with the variety of looks he will be able to utilize, including interiors of The Nave Studio, Legacy Worldwide offices, and surrounding areas to include the train tracks.

Anderson and Lassiter are in negotiations for the use of equipment and Legacy personnel, but Cody Scoggins, Bree Doverspike, and even CEO Damon Davis have already been added to the roster.

Michelle Hill, Executive Assistant to Taffi Dollar of Creflo Dollar Ministries, cited Anderson as “a valuable asset,” and describes Legacy as “an exceptional team and our family.”

LEGACY Social Media Team Makes Huge Splash for CDM
May 9

The LEGACY Social Media team was recently in Birmingham, Alabama to attend the Creflo Dollar Ministries Change Experience Conference and to promote Pastor Dollar’s new social network, CDM Society.

While there promoting CDM Society, our team was also providing social media coverage of the event through Facebook posts and tweets and hosting meet‐and‐greets on behalf of the ministries’ social media department. The attendees responded well to our invitation to take photos to be posted for the larger online community. It created quite a buzz at the conference as well as online.  Within minutes both Pastor Dollar and Pastor Taffi’s online fans were fully engaging with likes, comments, and shares on all the pictures.

For over an hour, our team was live-posting the event and reading and responding to hundreds of comments and likes, all occurring within moments of posting! In the process, we were able to successfully spike and engage their respective fans and followers! Dr. Dollar’s page increased by 403 fans and Pastor Taffi’s page increased by 607 new fans over the weekend. This was a great advance in comparison to the average increase of 174 fans per weekend!  We look forward to live-posting future Change Experience Conventions and events!