Script to Screen Production

We have upheld the belief that the Christian media industry deserves, and should always demand, the very highest in production values and available technology. Our production team has been honored nationally and internationally, celebrating our level of quality excellence with accolades that include an Emmy nomination, as well as the Telly, Diamond, and Cindy awards.

In addition to our quality standard, we also spend equal and necessary attention to scripting, planning, and consulting for our client partners, utilizing our vast knowledge of successful engagements to accelerate the growth of our ministry and humanitarian partners. We specialize in weekly and daily programming, as well as specials and documentaries in the direct response arena.

Our HD production team continues to travel the world to such areas as Brazil, Grenada, Israel, the Congo, and even Nigeria to capture the good works of our client partners, while spreading the gospel throughout worldwide media. We pride ourselves on our tireless professionalism.

We are also happy to provide services that include on-site and in-studio production, shooting, directing, monthly partnership videos, commercial spots, music videos, and daily and weekly broadcast programming.

The Legacy Group has demonstrated a vision for the future that requires excellence. They have come alongside this Ministry with heart, conviction and passion…delivering results.

Pastor Gregory Dickow

Scripting CTA/Greets and Wraps – The Legacy team will support the production of your programming by scripting greets and wraps (opens and closes, with a focus to match the unique voice and personality of your ministry.) Based upon the selected products for promotion, we will also write engaging call to action spots, averaging one to two minutes in length, which build value and encourage response from the viewers. In addition, our writing team is available to produce or assist in creating additional products to offer.

Production & Post Production – In addition to the creation of your actual broadcast program, our post-production team creates a one to two minute Call To Action (CTAs) per program, to be utilized in the final show, drawing on years of experience in the direct response industry.

Animated Show Open/Close – Our creative team will produce an initial 10-20 second show open, utilizing 3D animation or motion graphics, with matching and inspiring music to help create a recognizable brand for the ministry or humanitarian organization and its programs.

Smart Media Buying

Legacy Worldwide and its alliance partners control over $100 million dollars in media dollars on an annual basis.  In addition to U.S. coverage, Legacy Worldwide works with television and radio stations on a global basis.  We are able to leverage this tremendous buying power to offer our clients competitive media rates resulting in a positive outcome to their bottom line.

What separates Legacy from all the rest are the relationships and connections developed over decades of service to a wide variety of ministries and non-profits. This means, our clients have access to the best time spots on the best networks first!

The Legacy team will provide its services as the official agency of record for your brand and negotiate the best possible rates on with a broad spectrum of stations. We will select from the best time periods available, secure the lowest possible rates and leverage our strong relationships with media outlets on your behalf.

I strongly recommend Damon and Legacy. Damon would be an asset to any ministry and I am glad to endorse Legacy as a trustworthy media partner.

Founder of Creflo Dollar Ministries
Creflo Dollar

Services Include:

  • Specialization in working with ministries and humanitarian clients
  • Strategic planning and negotiations
  • Buying services for direct response, both long and short form placement, with emphasis on faith-based products
  • Determination of advantages and disadvantages of various advertising mediums client products and services

Digital Marketing Solutions

Website Design & Development
Extend your brand online. Your web presence begins with a site customized to the look, feel, and tone of your program. Expanded functions include; web store, blog, contact form, donation link, and backlinks to your company or blog.

Social Media
Your web presence expands through dynamic use of established and emerging social media networks.

  • We’ll provide a comprehensive social media strategy to leverage the best of each platform.
  • Connect the dots between platforms to complete your ministry and brand presence online.
  • Your dedicated community manager oversees daily interactions within your social media presence.
  • We’ll keep your profiles current with posts, tweets, and other updates created from your content.
  • We drive interaction with your fans, followers, and friends with polls, prayer requests, and much more.
  • Social Media Ad Campaign: Promote your program or event with a strategic ad campaign to reach your target audience.
There was no other name to trust with such an important brand as ours... than Legacy.

Ashley Evans

A multi-tiered email campaign will reach the different segments of your viewing audience.

  • Provide follow up to viewers who have responded to your program for prayer, for product, or for partnership.
  • Further engage viewers with newsletters and keep them current with testimonies and events.
  • Increase conversion on in-bound marketing by reaching non-purchasers with special offer.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Improve your ranking on search engines and increase your visibility with targeted keywords
  • Internet Reputation Management
  • Protect your credibility and reputation with our monitoring and response solutions

Creative, Branding
& Design

At Legacy, we consider ourselves more partners in ministry rather than a service provider. A dedicated Client Development Manger will focus on building the infrastructure necessary to build a successful, long-term media ministry.

Services include:

On-Site Consultancy – Legacy team members will travel to your offices to provide initial onsite training for your ministry staff on data management, customer service, creating product offers and related packaging.

Show Development – As part of our collaboration regarding concept and development, the Legacy team will schedule and lead strategy planning to include; themes, campaigns as well as partner and membership drives. This will be included on an ongoing basis as a part of the overall consultancy agreement.

Telemarketing – The Legacy team will evaluate, recommend and help establish a relationship with a vendor suitable to meet current and future telemarketing needs. More specifically, we will provide consultation and scripting services for your inbound telemarketing process, 800-number assignments, review of telemarketing reports and data analysis as part of our overall consultancy agreement. In addition, we will review and analyze performance to make media and programming change recommendations.

We are being won over week by week, confirming that we’ve made the right decision to let you handle production!

Michael T. Smith

Product Offer Development – Based on available products to be offered, the Legacy team will recommend generalized message content to match. Product matching also includes the selection of up-sell products for inbound marketing. We may also recommend “specials” to correlate with annual holidays.

Database – The Legacy team will provide strategic database marketing solutions that utilize other elements of telemarketing to include live and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) prompt outbound calling campaigns.

Donor/Partner Development – The Legacy team will work with you to identify the most effective donor management database system to help you manage new leads and customer information. Our team will walk you through the entire process to ensure a smooth and successful start-up process.

Direct Mail – The Legacy team will assemble our concept and strategy teams to develop a comprehensive direct mail platform for the ministry. Once the database can sustain it, we will launch our monthly donor cultivation efforts through highly visual and stimulating mail copy.

E-appeal – Legacy will assemble our concept and strategy teams to develop a comprehensive e-appeal platform to promote your brand and/or offers. This will include the set-up of a landing page as well as continual analysis of responsiveness to the campaign.